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|| -Black Metal list of 80th ааааааааааааааааааааа||

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- The list includes only Black Metal bands of 80th, ItТs mean the next genres: typical Black Metal bands of 80th: Poison, Hellhammer; Unholy and Satanic Death Metal bands: Possessed, Necrovore; Blackened Satanic Thrash Metal: Blasphemer, Black Shepherd; Satanic Heavy/Speed Metal: Retrosatan, Hell(UK), the latter of 80th and early 90th BM bands like Beherit, Archgoat


-I'm didn't add here the Thrash/Speed Metal bands like Razor, Vendetta, Whiplash, Sacred Reich, Mortal Sin, etc.а

-I donТt submit here the e-mail addresses of past band members, also, the possible postal addresses

-I added in the list all not official reh.tapes and live tapes too



-Information about the band has a following format:


Band_name (County / City),а year_of_birth Ц year_of death,аа band_status: R.I.P, Renamed, Alive_in_19Е


-Other comments about the band

Album_title / year_of_release / type_of_release: demo, reh.tape, LP, EP, MC, CD / [label] / (comments_about_the_album)


type_of_release can be one of theа followings:а MC (mini-cassette), demo (demoа tape),а reh.tape (rehearsal tape), live tape (live recording),а CD (compact disk), MCD (mini compactа disk),а LPа (Longа playа vinylа 12"),а 7"EPа (7" vinyl).


the reh.tapes and live tapes Цusually means the not official stuff, available only through demo tapes traders



|||||||||||||||| Black Metal list of 80th ||||||||||||||||||ааааааааааааааааааааааа



666 (Czechia), 1983-1985, R.I.P.

-Actually, the first Black Metal band from Czechia

-Venom mix Bathory sound, really raw and evil

-Reformed in 1984, the Vlasta Henych (voc,bas) andа Ota Herel (guitar, voc.) founded band Torr

Necrofilie / 1983 / demo


666 (Japan), 1985-1987,а R.I.P.

-sound like Possessed, Satanic Death/Black Metal

Demo #1 /1986 / demo

Demo #2 / 1987 / demo


Aamon Hammer (Brazil), 1985-1989, R.I.P.

-typical Brazilian Black/Death Metal with some Hellhammer sound.

-sound: mix 80th Black/Death/Doom

Demo / 1987 / demo

УWarfare Noise #2Ф Compilation / 1988 / Compilation LP (2 trx. of Aaamon Hammer)


Acrid (Germany), 1984-1986, R.I.P.

-very raw and evil Black Metal, the sound is very chaotic and sick, may be like Poison УSons of EvilФ mix Beherit УDemonomancyФ demos

-do not confuse with modern thrash band Acrid from Holland

Devil's Metal / 1985 / demo

Acrid Beasts / 1986 / demo

rehearsal / 1986 / reh.tape (2 tracks)


Ad Maiorum Satan Glorium (Russia), 1988-1989, R.I.P.

-sound like Hellhammer/Bathory

-one ofа the band members - Lord Seth founded the Satarial band in 1994, which plays Уfolk metalФ

Demo #1 / 1989 / demo

Demo #2 /1989 /demo


Aggressor (Spain), 1985-1991, R.I.P.

-the early recordings from 1985-1987 was typical Black Metal of 80Тs like Venom.

-the stuff from 1987-1991 was Brutal Satanic Black-Death Metal like Necrovore, Mutilator, pure raw and evil!!!

Influencia Infernal / 1986 / reh.track

Brutal Aggression / 1989 / demo #1


Alcoholocaust (UK), 1987-???, R.I.P.

-ultra raw and aggressive Death-Grind with rehearsal sound

-sound Similar the early Goapenis (Suppurated Fetus) demos: Genesis Ch2,V7 (Demo Tape'90) // The Rest Of Nothing (Demo Tape '90)

Rehearsal 'Oct/1988 / rehearsal tape [2 songs]


Amputator (USA), 1985-1986???, R.I.P.

-sound like Sodom Т1983, evil chaotic Death/Thrashа

Rehearsal /1985 / rehearsal tape

Blasphemer - rehearsal track / 1986 / rehearsal tape


Amon (Czechia), 1988-1995, from 1995 to 1999 Цknown under the name Amon Goeth, after this in 2000 again turn the name Amon

-the first demo was evil and raw Black Metal in the Hellhammer vein (really good stuff for me)

-second demo a more Death/Black Metal, after this they come to typical old-school Death Metal with some atmospheric keyboards

-do not confuse with Pre Deicide band and Death-Black band from Switzerland

as Amon:

Realm of Evil / 1989 / demo

-Black metal like Hellhammer

Book of Death / 1990 / demo

Alive in Hell / 1995 / MC live album

-a more Death/Black Metal

as Amon Goeth:

Call the Master / 1995 / LP / [Nazgul's Eyrie Productions]

The Worship / 1997 / CD / [Nazgul's Eyrie Productions]

-old-school Death/Black Metal here

As Amon again:

In the Shade of Death / 2000 / CD / [self realized]

-old-school death metal with atmospheric keyboards

Zrozeni Smrti / 2002 / CD / [Barbarian Wrath] (Re-released together with 6 more tracks taken from the 1992 demo???)


Angel Death (Italy), 1985-1993, R.I.P.

-the first demo was typical Black Metal of 80th , like Bathory Т1983-84 mix Venom С1982

-the latter stuff more Unholy Death-Grind like Blasphemy, Morbosidadа

Death to christianity / 1986 / demo

-like Bathory mix Venom

Gore (Blood of War) / 1991 / LP

Exorcism the Pain / 1993 / LP

7ФEP / 1995 / (I think itТs not official, the bootleg stuff )

-like Blasphemy, Morbosidad


Angkor Vat (Uruguay), 1988-???, R.I.P.

-Killer Black/Death/Doom!!!

Southern Blood / 1989 / demo '06/1989


Anschluss (Brazil), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-brutalа raw Death-Black/War Metal with typical brazilian sound: Holocausto, Mutilator.

Demo / 1986 / demo tape [3 songs]

Demo / 1987 demo tape [4 songs]

Live at Noise Pub, Americana СMay, 13th, 1987 / live tape


Archenemy (USA), 1984-1986, R.I.P.

-very raw and noisy Satanic Death-Black Metal

-do not confuse with other modern Arch Enemy from Sweden

Rehearsal / 1985 / demo (3 songs: Escape Death, Poison, Blood Lust)


Archgoat (Fin), 1990-1993, R.I.P., alive again in 2005

-brutal satanic Black/Death metal similar Von mix. Beherit

Jesus Spawn / 1992 / demo

Angelcunt - Tales Of Desecration / ??? / LP

Penis Pervertor / 1992 / live demo (horrible sound)

live In Riihimaki, Finland / 1992 / live tape

live In Kuopio, Finland / 03-13-1993 / live tape


Arsenic (USA). 1985-????, R.I.P.

-very dirty and raw Unholy Death-Thrash, sound something between the early Slaughter (Can) mix. Voor (Can)

First Blood / 1985 / demo #1


Agressa (Brazil), 1987-???, R.I.P.

-sound like Mutilator, Vulcano in typical South-American vein

Demo #2 / 1987 / demo tape


Agressor (Brazil), 1987-???, R.I.P.

-and again, the typical Sourth-Americal sound, brutal Death-Black

- Rehearsal 29-03-1987. reh.tape


Armageddon (Poland / Warsawа ), 1985-1988, R.I.P.

-very raw, sick and evil Black-Death Metal with screaming vocals, similar early Poison С1985 УSons of EvilФ

-the band bring a pure aggression Black-Death metalа with blasphemous, satanic lyrics

-actually, the band not recorded some demos or albums, only one rehearsal tapes.а

-do not confuse with other Armagedon from Poland (with one УdФ letter) which played typical Death Metal in the beginning of 1990

-the band played the united live shows with next polish bands: Astaroth, Exorcist, Prosector, etc.

-the band recorded next evil songs: Antichrist, Black Force, Slaughter In Bethlehem.

Rehearsal / 1986 / reh.tape


Armmagedon (Brazil), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-the first band of Silvio SDN from Mutilator, the sound in the same vein

Genocidio / 1986 / demo tape

rehearsal / 09-1986 / reh.tape

live In Metal House, Belo Horizonte, Bra, 26-10-1986 / live tape

rehearsal / 29-03-1987 / reh.tape


Astaroth (Poland), 1985-1987, R.I.P.

-Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal with satanic/occult lyrics

live at School / 1986 / live tape

live in Stegny / 1986 / live demo

Queen of the Night / 1986 / demo

Astaroth / 1987 / demo


Astaroth (Columbia), 1985-1987, R.I.P.

-Black-Thrash of 80th

Aullido Sepulcral / Guerra de Metal / 1985 / 7ФEP а


Athrow (Brazil), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-Satanic Death-Thrash with typical Brazilian sound

Slaughter of Angels / 1986 / demo


Authority (Rus) (pre Draugwath),а 1990-1991, R.I.P.

-Sound like Blasphemy, satanic Death-Grind

Demo #1/ 1990 / demo

Demo #2 / 1991 / demo (unreleased???)


Azagthoth (UK), 1987-???, R.I.P.

-Unholy Raw Death Metal like Possessed, Necrovore

Shredded Flesh / 1987/ demo


Barbatos (Japan), 1987-1999, R.I.P.

-the project of Abigail member, the same sound I think

-they are recorded the first tape already in 1987, but the other recordings was only in 1998-1999???

rehearsal / 1987 / reh.tape


Beherit (Finalnd), 1990-1996, R.I.P.

-early stuff was Evil and Brutal Chaotic Primitive Black Metal, the most evil black metal band of early 90th

-the latter in 1995 was disbanded and last member Nuclear Holocausto began to plays the strange primitive Ambient music two year time, after this the band is R.I.P.

-before the Beherit the band has names: Horny Malformity in 1988-1989, Pseudo christ in 1989-1990 and played Satanic Grind

-the band members also was played in bands: Black Crucifixion (Raw Black Metal like Beherit) Ц members: Nuclear Holocausto, Black Jesus???; Goat Vulva (Black-Noise-Ambient) Ц members: Nuclear Holocausto, ????; Suuri Shamani (Noise-Ambient) Ц members: Nuclear Holocausto???

Putrid Rehearsals / 18-03-1990 / reh.tape

Morbid Rehearsals / 28-03-1990 / reh.tape

Goatlord Rehearsal / 1990??? / reh.tape (poor quality, 2tx. only)

rehearsal С17-09-1990 / reh.tape

Live / 1990 / 7"EP

live In Rovaniemi Т27-04-1990 / live tape

Seventh Blasphemy / 1990 / demo #1 (the demo include the Sarcofago cover УSathanasФ)

Demonomancy / 1990 / demo #2

live In Nokia, Finland Т08-03-1991 / live tape

live In Finland С1991 / live tape

Live At The "Day Of Darkness Festival" Oulu, Finland 23-08-1991 / live tape (was re-released on bootled CD in 199??)

The Oath of Black Blood / 1991 / LP & CD / [Turbo Music / USA]

Unreleased Studio Tracks / 1991 / Promo

Dawn Of Satan's Millennium / 1991 / 7ФEP

live Joensun 08-02-1992 / live tape

live Riihimaki 08-21-1992 / live tape

Promoа / 1992 / promo tape

Drawning Down the Moon / 1993 / CD / [Spinefarm Records / Finland]

-here was the Evil and Brutal Chaotic Primitive Black Metal

H418ov21.C / 1994 / CD [Spinefarm Records / Finland]

-not blackа metal here just primitive strange ambient stuff with some soft guitars and some vocals.

Electric Doom Synthesis / 1995 / CD

-here the mix of industrial-ambient

Werewolf Semen and Blood / 1996 / 7ФEP

-again black metal, may be itТs old recording???

Beast of Beherit (Complete Worxxx) / 1999 / CD (old stuff, re-released)

Black Fucking Sodomy -Holocausto Is God / 1999??? / MC & CD (bootleg???)

Beast Of Damnation / 2000 / CD (bootleg)

Black fucking sodomy!(Lives 91-94) / 2000 (Bootleg CD)

Ghost Of Death / 2002 / CD (old stuff, the Bootleg CD)


Bestial (Brazil), 1989-???, R.I.P.

-brutal Death-Black in the South-American vein

аProphecies / 1989 /demo


Bestial (France), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-Monotove Primitive Black-Death Metal similar VON, especially guitar sound.

-ex. Morsure (Fra)

Demo / 1986 / demo


Bestial Summoning (Holland), 1990-1992, R.I.P.

-very evil and chaotic raw Black Metal influenced by the bands like Christblood (Isl.), Beherit, Goat Vulva, Black Prophecies, some parts on the demo С1991 was slowly like Necro Schizma

-one of the most evil band of early 90th

rehearsal / 1989??? / (6 tracks here)

rehearsal / 1990 / reh.tape

rehearsalа / 1991 / reh.tape

Rehearsal (6 tracks)

jam session / 1990 / reh.tape

Sodomistic Rituals / 1991 / demo

Live Venray 06.26.1992 / LP

sinbreeders / 1992 / reh.track

Promo 1992 / promo tape (4 tracks)

The Dark War Has Begun / 1992 / LP

The Dark War Continues / 2002 / CD [label???] (re-released old stuff, include the some reh. tracks from 1990-1991, not full first demo, live LP Т92 and LP tracks С92)


Black Death (Norway), 1986-1988, renamed to Darkthrone in 1988

-Blackened Raw Thrashcore with scream vocal and with some Hellhammer/Celtic Frost influences

-doа not confuse with US speed metal band of 80th

Demo #1 / 1987 / reh.demo (also known under the title УThrashcoreФ)

Demo #2 /1988 / reh.demo


Black Metal (Holland), 1990-1991, R.I.P.

-sound like Hellhammer with Beherit style vocals

Pentagram / 1991 / Demo


Black Metal Front (Germany), 1987-???, R.I.P.

-Primitive dirty Black-Noise of 80Тs with very rehearsal sound

-ex. Acrid (Ger)???

This Is Black Metal / 1987 / reh. track [sep/1987, 5 min]


Black Majesty (Italy), 1985-1987, R.I.P.

-Sound like Venom and Voor, but more raw with rehearsal sound

Nocturnal Nightmare / 1985 / demo

Authors of Evil / 1986 / demo


Black Mass (Brazil), 1988-???, R.I.P

-raw Black-Death similar early Bathory with some brazilian sound.

The Last Mass / 1989 / demo [2 songs]


Black Mass (Norway), 1985-1986, R.I.P.

-typical Black Metal of 80th, some similar the early swedish Morbid Т87 (with Dead)а

Promo tape / 1986 / demo (the demo include Celtic Frost cover УDeathroned EmperorФ)

rehearsal tape / 1986 / reh.demo (only one song УBorn on the Dark SideФ)


Black Prophecies (Italy), 1987-1990, R.I.P.

-sound like Goatlord mix Hellhammer, really good Black Metal band of 80th, and sure, the cult too

Azathoth / 1988 / demo (very raw chaotic and evil, some similar Beherit )

Unholy / 1989 / reh.demo

Turning Crosses Towards Hell / 1990 / demo (like Goatlord mix. Hellhammer here)


Blasphemer (Brazil), 1988-1989, R.I.P.

-Satanic Blasphemous Death/Thrash Metal, typical brazilian 80th sound.

УHeadthrashersФ Live / 1988 / Split LP (with bands Cova, Necromancia, MX; 2 trx. of Blasphemer)


Blasphemer (Norway) , 1986-???, R.I.P.

-primitive Black Metal with very dirty rehearsal sound and with Hellhammer influences.

Voice Of Dead Babbs / 1986 / rehearsal demo


Bloodvomit (USA), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-ultra raw Death Metal/Grind

Triumph Of Death / rehearsal track '1986 [Hellhammer cover]


Bloodvore (Germany), 1988-???, R.I.P.

-ultra raw, ultra aggressive, ultra fast Death-Grind with rehearsal sound

Macabre Dismemberment / 1988 / demo#1 [5 min // very short songs 5-7 sec.]


Bloodslaughter (Germany) (pre-Slaughterhammer), 1985-198,а was renamed to Slaughterhammer in 1987

-sick and morbid Death Metal band, actually, the one of theа first bands who used the sick gore lyrics

live Elmshorn jun/1986

rehearsal '1986 / reh.tape

rehearsal 06/mar/1987 / reh.tape

rehearsal 24/may/1987 / reh.tape

rehearsal jan/87 / reh.tape

Cannibalistic Massacre / 1987 / reh.demo #3


Brainstorm (Ukraine), 1991-1996, R.I.P.

-Evil chaotic Black-Death, very raw sound

-after the R.I.P. one member formed the band Graal which played Progressive Atmospheric Death

LordsЕ / 1992 / 7ФEP & MC / [View Beyond Records]

???? / 1996 / 7'EP / [View Beyond Rec.] (3 live tracks, Russia, Gomel С1995)


Butcher (Brazil), 1988-???, R.I.P.

-unholy Death-Thrash in the South-American vein

Demo / 1988 / demo


Butchery (Brazil), 1988-???, R.I.P.

Rehersal / 1988 / rehearsal tape [3 songs]


Cerbero (Argentina), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-raw Satanic Heavy Metal with groul-death-matalish vocals!!!

-do not confuse with Brazilian heavy metal band from 80Тs with same name

Live at Casal Calvino / 1986 / live tape


Chakal (Brazil), 1987-199???, ???.

-traditional Brazilian Death-Thrash with morbid sick lyrics

ChildrenТs Sacrifice / 1986 / demo (one track demo)

Living with the Pigs / 1985 / 7ФEP

live in BH / 1986 / live tape

Abominable Anno Domini / 1987 / LP (the best stuff of the band)

The Man of His Own Chakal / 1990 / LP

Deadland / 19?? / CD (not anymore clean death-thrash on this album, now thrashcore with some elements of progressive metal)


Checker Patrol (Nor/Fra/Ger), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-thrashcore with some Celtic Frost influences

-the project of members from Assassin (Ger), Agressor (Fra) and Mayhem (Nor)

-with Mayhem members was recorded only first demo

Demo / 1986 / demo tape

-the info about other demos not available


Cthonium (Greece), 198?-???, R.I.P.

-sound like Black Prophecies mix Beherit

-the one bandТs track was available on some compilation in the end of 80Тs

Rehearsal /1992 / reh.tape

The Final Congregation / 1993 / demo


Christblood (Iceland), 1989-1990, R.I.P.

-very raw and chaotic Black Metal, like Beherit, Bestial Summoning

Massacre in Heaven / 1990 / demo


Curriculum Mortis (Peru), 1988-???, R.I.P.

-Death-Black Metal similar Death Yell with some Heavy Metalish sound, and not so brutal as DY

Sentencia De La Muerte / 1988/ demo


Damnation (Canada), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-Brutal Satanic Death-Thrash, sound something between early Possessed 1984-85 mix. Obscurity (Swe) С87

Speed Anarchy / 1986 / demo

Aggressive Repulsive Symphony / 1987 / demo


Dark Feast (Finland) (pre Barathrum), 1990-1991, was reformed

-sound like early Beherit, Goatvulva

Hail Satan / 1991 / rehearsal

Rehearsal 13-04-1991 / reh.tape


Darkа Satan (???), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-teutonic Thrash Metal with satanic lyrics

Sodom & Gomorrah /1985 / demo


Deathchamber (UK), 1985- 1987, R.I.P.

-Unholy Death Metal, very raw and primitive sound

Legions of Blasphemy / 1986 / demo


Death Attack (Germany),а 1985-1986, R.I.P.

-Sound like Hellhammer, but more noisy and raw.

-Recorded just one reh.tape

-After the R.I.P. the band members founded bands Protector, Incest, etc.

Rehearsal / 1986 / reh.tape [3 tracks including Intro]


Death Attack (France), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-primitive Black-Grind/Black-Noize, similar Rotten Angel (Bra)

Blood Virgin / 1986 / demo [songs: Massacre, Death Attack, Poisoning Blood, Thrash_ Kill_Death, Fuck Off And Die, Power Of Death, Sacrifice And Terror]


Death Tripper (USA, Tx), 1985-1987, R.I.P.

-Satanic Thrash Metal with bad drunkard vocals

Live at the Cameo, 09-28-1985 / live tape

Burnt Offering / 1985 / demo

Canis Major / 1986 / demo


Death Yell (Chile), 1989-1992, R.I.P.

-brutal and evil Black/Death metal

live Santiago, Chile 12-30-1989 / live tape

live Lautaro, Chile 11-24-1990 / live tape

Vengeance from Darkness / 1989 / demo

Morbid Rites / 1990 / 7ФEP

Split Beherit/Death Yell / ??? / 7ФEP


Defunct (Russia), 1990-1992, R.I.P.

-Satanic Death Metal

??? / 1991 / MC / [MetalAgen Records]

??? / 1992 / MC / [MetalAgen Records]


Demonos Jetblack (Finland), 1991-1992

-some stuff was primitive Black Metal like Bestial Summoning, Goatvulva, some songs was more raw Blackcore sound

-Project of Barathrum member Demonos Sova

Ange De La Mort / 1991 / Demo

-primitive black metal here like BS

Necro Sodomy / 1992 / rehearsal

-more blackcore sound here


Desecration (USA), 1984-1989, R.I.P.

-Unholy Death/Thrash

-Possessed side project, they only released some demos between 1984-89

-Chris Reiffert played gigs with them in their erlay days

Psycho / 1985 / demo #1

The Summoning / 1986 / demo #2


Desexult (Denmark), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-Sound like Possessed

Evil Courier / 1986 / demo #1


Detonic (Hungary), 1984-1986, R.I.P.

-Black Metal in the vein of old Bathory and Venom

Demo / 1985


Distorted Hell (Ger), 1988-???, R.I.P.

-Black-Noize without vocal and drums

-no more info available


D.E.T.H. (Brazil), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-ultra raw and brutal Black-Death Metal with typical South-American sound

Hell / 1986 / demo [1song]

Rehersalа / 1987 / rehearsal tape [songs: D.E.T.H., SatanТs Prince of Death, Death to the False Metal, Hell, Agony, LetТs Rats Die]а

Live at Metal House, Belo Horizonte С1987 / live tape [the tape includes the Possessed cover УSatanТs Curse]


D.T.H. (Chi), 1987-???, R.I.P.

-Brutal Satanic Death-Black Metal, typical South-American sound like Pentagram, Vulcano, Exterminator

Death To Humanity / 1988 / demo #1


Evil (Poland), 1981-1982, R.I.P.

-NWOBHM with satanic lyrics

-ultra raw sound with Blackened vocals

-Was renamed to Evil Army in 1983

Demo / 1982 / demo


Evil Army (Poland), 1982-1983, R.I.P.

-Speed/Thrash Metal with satanic lyrics

-ultra raw sound with Blackened vocals

Demo / 1983 / demo


Evil Blood (Yugoslavia), 1984-1989, R.I.P.

-typical Black Metal of 80th (blackened thrash sound may be)аа

-the band recorded several demos between 1984-1989

Midnight in a Sodom /а ??? / demo tape


Evil Christ (???), 1985-1986, R.I.P.

-Ambient Black-Noise of 80th

Demo / 1986 / demo


Evoked Doom (Germany),а 1985-1987, R.I.P.

-early rehearsal was Black-Noise like Abruptum mix Hellhammer reh.Т1981

-some tapes was Chaotic Black-Grind like Rotten Angel (Bra), Pseudochrist (pre-Beherit)

-the latter stuff evil and primitive 80th Blackcore/Thrashcore sound mix with horrible horror intros

-the band members УSharonФ and УZombieФ had the own underground Black/Death/Thrash metal Zine called УDeathfuckФ with Archenemy (US/Tx), Acrid, Semen of Satan interviewsа

-one of the unknown forgotten cult

Satan's Empire / 1985 / rehearsal

Satan's Empire / 1986 / 2nd rehearsal

-here was Black-Noise like Abrutum mix. Hellhammer reh.Т1981, no drums here, just morbid screams and noise guitar

Back From The Bad Days / 1986 / demo [the demo includes the Semen of Satan cover УBlack Dark NightФ/ full tracklist: Hell On Earth, We Will Die, Torture, Torture, Torture!!!, ???, Anti-America (USA) Song, Fuck Off And Die, Fuck Japan´s Girls, Strange Noise On A Tape,а Black Dark Nigth (Semen of Satan cover), I Like Killing, Scher Is A Fucking Jerk,а We Are Sick Of Dum Fuck´s, Do You Want To Suck My Dick ?, 666 Fuck Iron Maiden, Get It Your Dead, ?Is?, Au, Da, Da, Da, Hey, Hey, Goodbye ]

-here was sound like Rotten Angel (Bra), Pseudochrist (pre-Beherit)

Studio rehearsal / 1986 / reh.tape ( one УDeathfuckФ track only)

Demo / 1986

-here is evil and primitive Blackcore/Thrashcore with horrible intros from movie Zombie-2


Evoker (Holland), 1987-1989, R.I.P.

-Hellhammer mix Necro Schizma sound, very raw and evil

-The band was reformed, some members founded Asphyx

Insurrection of Doom / 1988/ demo (the demo include Hellhammer аcover)


Exmortes (Holand), 1988-1991, R.I.P.

-first 7ФEP was primitive monotone Black-Death similar VON with distorted groul-vocals

-other stuff after 1990 was Chaotic Black-Noize

Fuckin' Nightmare / 1989 / 7"EP

Hear The Saw... Coming Near / 1990 / 7"EP

Lord of Temptation / 1990 / demo

Total Hate / 1991 / Split demo with Apator (Hol)


Extemporize (???), 198???-???, R.I.P.

-Sick Black-Noise band

-no more info available


Fantom (Hungary), 1986-1989, R.I.P.

-typical Black Metal of 80th, sound similar the Hungarian Tormentor and Bathory С1984

аLucifer jelenj meg! / 1987 / demo


Flames of Hell (Iceland), 1986-1987, R.I.P.

-sound: Hellhammer mix Venom with harsh screaming vocal like Burzum С1991)а

-The band of two brothers

-one member removed to England in 1989???

-they are released only one LP and after this R.I.P.

-And, yes, one on the forgotten cult too!

Fire and Steel / 1987 / LP /[Draconian Records]


Flames (Greece), 1985-1994???, alive again in 1998???

-Evil and unholy Thrash Metal

-the one of the most eldest and cult greek band

Made In Hell / 1985 / LP

Merciless Slaughter / 1986 / LP

Live in the Slaughterhouse / 1987 / live LP

Summon The Dead / 1988 / LP

Last Prophecy / 1989 / LP

live tracks / 1993 & 1994 / (not official tape recording, available only through demo tape traders)

In Agony Rise / ??? / CD


Freddy Krueger (Gre), 1988-???, R.I.P.

-Blackened Thrashcore like Evoked Doom demoС86

-pre-Morbid Execution (Gre) ???

rehearsal / 1988 / reh.tape [2 tracks]


Friends with Satan (???), 1987-???, R.I.P.

-Satanic Thrash Metal

Demo #1 / 1987 /demo


Ghostrider (Italy), 1984-1986, renamed to Necrodeath in 1988

-Killer Raw Thrash Metal with unholy satanic lyrics

The Exorcist / 1984 / demo

Mayhemic Destruction / 1986 / demo


Grave Robber (Norway), 198???-???, R.I.P.

-raw Black Metal???

-no more info available


Greffwe (Sweden), 1986-1989, R.I.P

-typical Black Metal of 80Тs, Black-Thrash sound

-P.S. I thing this band is never exist!!! // I see the info on Уmetal-arcivesФ and here the joke bandТs member photo and covers making in Photoshop 5.0. ver.., hahaha!!!, if this band is really never exist let me know, I shall delete it from my list.

Bloodhunting / 1986 / demo
The Burning Of Priests / 1989 / demo


Goatlord (USA), 1986-1991, R.I.P.

-slow and chant Black-Death metal, influenced by Hellhammer.

-the second vocalist had the project Doom Snake Cult??? which played Apocalyptic Black-Doom metal similar Goatlord too

Forever Black Dwell In Hell / 1987 / demo #1

Sodomize the Goat / 1988 / demo #2

Rehearsal '17-02-1988 / reh.tape

Unrealesed Album '1989 / unr.stuff

Promo / 1991 / promo tape (two tracks only)

Reflections of the Solstice / 1991 / CD

Goatlord / 1992 / CDа (album 1991with other artwork and bonus track)

The Underground Church / ??? / bootleg???


Gomorha (Holland), 1988-1990, R.I.P.

-Mortuary Black-Doom of 80th

Gomorha Hordes / 1989 / demo #1


Grave Hill (Switzerland) (Pre Hellhammer), 1980-1981, R.I.P.

-NWOBHM sound, but very raw and with satanic lyrics

??? / 1980 / reh.demo


Guardian (Poland), 1986-1989, R.I.P.

-boring raw Black-Death, similar Imperator (Pol) but not so power-full and brutal

Demo / 1988

Resurrection and Beastliness of Mental / 1989 / demo


Guerrilha (Brazil), 1987-???, R.I.P.

-sound in the vein of Vulcano, Mutilator

-they are played the joint live shows with Vulcano, Mutilator in 80th

-no more info available


Hammerhead (Switzerland) (pre Hellhammer, ex. Grave Hill), 1980-???, reformed???

-I only know what the band recorded the some rehearsal tapes and after this R.I.P. and reformed to Hellhammer

-One metal maniac told to me what the recordings from this period not saved and available somewhere


Hell (Ger), 1985-1990, R.I.P.

-Sound like Bathory С1985

-Destruction members,а Schmier on vocals

Demo / 1984 / demo

Satanic Death / 1985 / demo

The Fall of god / 1990 / demo


Hell (UK), 1982-1984???, R.I.P.

-musically NWOBHM with Satanic/Occult lyrics

-The vocalist of band Dave Halliday commited suicide

Hell / 1982 / demo

Save us from thoseЕ / 1983 / EP

Demo / 1986 / demo (A rerecording of "Plague and Fire" from their 1982 demo + 2 new songs. Improved sound quality and the vocals seem more matured)


Hell (UK, 2rd band), 1984-1985, R.I.P.

-80Тs Black-Noise band, very primitive and ultra raw sound

-do not confuse with NWOBHM Hell from UK too

-one tape trader told to me what he got this demos from one tape-trader from UK in 1986, itТs was his own band and officially never exist and distributed // the demo tape Necrophagy С1985 has only 3 tape traders on earth. Other recording had only one tape trader, and he stop the all trades now.

Dismember the Rotting Corpse / 1984 / demo

Necrophagy / 1985 / demo

Die a Painful Death / 1985 / demo

Resurrection of Evil / 1985 / demo

Kill Everything / 1985 / demo

Violent Black Master / 1985 / demo

Battalions of Frenzy / 1985 / demo

Horrible Noise / 1985 / demo


Hellfire (France), 1984-1986, R.I.P.

-sound like Hellhammer, very raw, hellish and evil

-do not confuse with pre Merciless band from Sweden, and with some modern black and heavy bands.

Demo / 1984 / demo

Rehearsal / 1985 / reh.tape

Rehearsal / 25/01/1986 / reh.tape


Hellfire (Sweden) (pre-Merciless), 1986-1987, renamed to Merciless in 1987

-typical Black-Death Metal of 80th

-sound like Merciless, but a more raw

-do not confuse with other 80th Hellfire from France and with some modern bands with same name

Rehearsal 11-07-1986 / reh. tape

Demo 08-1986 / demo tape


Hellsaw (Belgium), 1986-1987, R.I.P.

- Morbid, chaotic, raw Black-Noise/Black-Grind

-some recordings have sound like Necro Schizma (reh.tapes), but very primitive and raw, just very distorted slow guitar and tormenting screams here, no drums

-some recordings have sound like Pseudochrist (pre-Beherit) -very primitive and raw Black-Grind

-some band members was in MSD band, also Black-Noize

-last recordings was guitar-noize sound, without vocals and drums

Demo #1 / 1986 / demo

Aggressive... / 1986 / demo #2 (jul.86) [here was sound like Necro Shizma, but more primitive raw and sick without drums]

radioshow radio 2440 / 1986 / promo??? ( Geel 11aug.С86)

rehearsal / 1986 / reh.tape (aug.86)

live In The LivingЕ / 1986 / live tape (13sep.С86)

Exorcism Shall Fail / 1986 /а demo #3 [like Pseudochrist (pre-Beherit) - very primitive and raw Black-Grind]

Macabre Butcherism / 1987 / demo #4 (26mar.Т87) (the pure noise on this tape, no vocals, no guitar riffs, no drums)

rehearsal / 1987 / reh.tape (30mar.Т87)

Screamtime For... / 1987 / demo #5 (19apr.Т87) [guitar-noize sound, without vocals and drums]


Hellish Torment (USA), 1984-1986, R.I.P.

-Actually, first band who played chaotic primitive Black Metal, sound like Beherit mix. Goatvulva with harsh distorted vocal and primitive drum machine

-the band renamed to Hellhouse in 1990???

Kill Your Mother / 1986 / demo (short demo, 2 songs only, but very dark and evil)


Helhammer (Ger), 1983-1984, (pre-Evoked Doom), renamed to Evoked Doom in 1984

-Sick Black-Noize

-the band name writes as Helhammer with one УLФ latter

demo/reh.tape / 1983-1984


Hellhouse (USA), 1990-???, R.I.P.

-ex. Hellish Torment, with same sound, similar Goatvulva

Alive After Death 1986 / demo (springТ86)

Demo / 1990 / demo (re-recorded demoТ86???)


Hellpreacher (USA / Tx.), 1985-1987, R.I.P.

-Satanic Thrash Metal, sound like Sodom С1983-85.

-Necrovore drummer here

live '11-01-1985 / live tape

live in San Antonio С18-07-1986 / live tape

Bloodbath / 1986 / reh.track

Resurrection / 1987 / demo


Holy Death (Ger), 1988-???, R.I.P.

-Black-Noise band without drums with Possessed like voice.

Demo / 1988 / demo


Holocausto (Brazil), 1985-1989, R.I.P???.

-early stuff was Brutal Death-Black 80th with traditional brazilian sound, a later Цthe more Trashcore sound, and from the 1998??? Цavantgarde music, not metal more

-the band determined own style as УWar MetalФ with evil nazi/war lyrics

Demo / 1986 / demo (I have the bad copy of this demo with one song only, may be here the will be a more songs, I donТt know)

УWarfare Noise #1Ф compilation / 1986 / compilation LP (two tracks of Holocausto, other bands: Chakal, Mutilator, Sarcofago)

Campo De Exterminio / 1987 / LP

-here is Brutal Death-Black Metal, really evil stuff

Blocked Minds ' LP 1988

-here is a more Thrashcore sound

Australoptecus Experience / 1990 / demo (itТs really demo of brazilian Holocausto??? I traded it from the other trader and here was marked is Holocausto from Brazil)

-here the more Speed/Thrash Metal with screaming vocals

Tozago As Deismoа / 199?? / CD

-no more metal here, a strange avantgarde music


Horny Malformity (Finland), (Pre Beherit), 1988-1989, R.I.P.

-Satanic Grind

-was renamed to Pseudochrist in the end of 1989

rehearsal tape / 1988 / reh.tape (very hard to find this item)


Hirurgiya (Russia / Tula) (Pre Graveside), 1990-1991, was renamed to Graveside in the end of 1991

- Sick Death/Thrash Metal, lately under the Graveside name they are played Unholy Death Metal

live Т11.06.1991 УThrash in Tula FestФ??? / live tape


Imperator (Poland), 1986-1991, R.I.P.

-great Black Metal of 80th, very evil and brutal, like Bathory/Hellhammer, but a more dark and evil!!!

Endless Sacrifice / 1986 / demo #1

Deathvile / 1986 / demo #2

Eternal Might / 1988 / demo #3 (live recording, here they are plays the songs from both demos and also the covers of Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost)

The Time Before Time / 1991 / LP

The Time Before Time / 1997 / CD +bonus tracks / [Pagan Records??? / Poland]а (re-reliased LP '91)


Incubus (USA, Fl..state), 1987-1989, R.I.P.

-Unholy Death Metal

-Do not confuse with other US death metal Incubus from Can.state which recorded LPа УSerpent TemptationФ 1989

God Dies On His Knees / 1987 / demo

7" EP /а 1989 / rereleased demo


Infernal Death (USA / Tx), 1988-1990, R.I.P.

-Black-Death in the Possessed, Necrovore vein

Incantation of the Gates / 1989 / demo


Kumiri (Russia / Perm), 1991-1994, R.I.P.

-Unholy old-school Death Metal, very raw sound (lyrics on Russian)

-Was renamed to Daft in the end of 1994 and release only one MC album, musically Techno Death Metal, after this plays mix. Industrial-Thrashcore one year, and finally R.I.P. through one year.

By the Name of Devil / 1993 / demo

You Must Die / 1994 / EP


Korzus (Brazil), 1984-1989, R.I.P.

-early recording from 1984 to 1987 -was Speed-Thrash sound, like early Slayer

-from 1987 plays Death-Thrash in South-American vein, similar early Chakalа

Black-Death Metal like Chakal, Mutilator, Vulcano

Demo / 1984 / demo tape

Ao Vivo (S.P., BRA 28.7.85 & 23.3.85) / 1985 / MLP

Sonho Maniaco /1987 / LP

Born To Kill / 1989 / demo

Pay For Your Lies / 1989 / MCD


Kotsen (Switzerland), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-the Black-Noise band, was funded by Steve Warrior after he was fired from Hellhammer

-the band name could translate to something like Уto pukeФ

-they released only two demos in 1985 in a very limited number,

Attack Of The Savage Horde / 1985 / demo

??? / 1985 / demo #2


Legion of Death (USA), 1984-1989, R.I.P.

-brutal raw Death Metal

Have a Nice Death / 1985 / demo

Unconstructive Anarchism / 1986 / demo


Massacre (Ger), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-primitive chant and ultra raw Black Metal

Demo / 1985 [3 songs: Attack, Evil Gods, Amputee]


Massakre (Chile), 1985-2005, still alive???

-1985-1986 played Satanic Heavy Metal like King Diamond, Mercyfull Fate with same vocals, but not long, only one year.

-1986-1988 played sound like Hellhammer, and early Messiah

-from 1988 played Brutal Satanic Black-Death Metal like Mutilator, Holocausto in typical South-American vein.

-do not confuse with a lot of MassacreТs name bands

Demo #1 / 1986

-like Mercyfull Fate, Kind Diamond

Pissing Into the Mass Grave / demo '09/1986

-like Hellhammer, early Messiah

Beyond the Psychotic Redemption / 1988 / demo

-like Mutilator, Holocausto, Pentagram


Maggots (Russia) (Pre Drawgwath), 1991-1992, R.I.P.

-Slowа Death-Doom here like Mordor (Switz.)???

Rehearsal-demo / 1991 / reh.demo

Flesh for Soul / 1992 / demo


Martyrize (Jap), 1987-1989, R.I.P.

-Mortuary Blackened Death-Doom like Necro Schizma

rehearsal / 1989 / reh.tape


Mayhem (Germany), 1985-1987, R.I.P.

-typical noisy Black Metal of 80th

-Exumer drummer here

Chains of Death / 1985 / demo #1

Evil Pentagram / 1986 / demo #2


Merciless Sin (???)? 1985-???, R.I.P.

-raw Death-Thrash with satanic/occult lyrics

Damnation / 1986 / demo


Morbid Execution (Greece), 1988-1989, R.I.P.

-Chaotic Primitive Black-Thrash-Noise, similar Evoked Doom С1986

-ex. Freddy Krueger (Gre)???

rehearsal С02-07-1989 / reh.tape [just one track]

rehearsal С11-06-1989 / reh.tape [just one track]


Morbid Scream (USA), 1987-1989, R.I.P.

-Unholy Death Metal in the vein of Possessed

-the Necrovore vocalist John left the band in 1987 and after this he founded Morbid Scream in 1987

Demo / 1987 / demo tape

Demo / 1989 / demo tape


Morthal (Brazil), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-ultra killer/ultra raw/ultra brutal Black-Death Metal similar Obsessos (Bra)

Rehersal / 1987 / rehearsal tape [3 songs on Spanish/ translates: Heroes, Cavalcade of Death, Black Holocaust, Eternal Nightmare]


Mortuary (USA), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-Primitive monotone Black Metal with two riffs and drum-machine

-Guitar sound and voice similar Hellish Torment

-Do not confuse with more bands with the same name.

Mortal Remains / 1986 / demo track (5 min)


MSD (Bel), 1984-???, R.I.P.

-Black-Noise band like Hellsaw (Bel), early reh.tape of Evoked Doom С85

-Hellsaw (Bel) members here

-no more info available


Mutilator (Brasil), 1985-1989, R.I.P.

-extreme and brutal Black-Death Metal of 80th with traditional brazilianа sound

-the band was reformed in 1988, the vocalist and guitarist has left the band and the band began to played the typical Thrash Metal with new band members

Grave Desecration / 1985 / demo #1

Mutilator / 1986 / 7ФEP

live At Club Carioca, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil' 29-09-1986 / live tape

live At Festival Da Morte, BH, 16-08-1986 / live tape

УWarfare Noise #1Ф compilation / 1986 / compilation LP (two tracks of Mutilator, other bands: Chakal, Mutilator, Sarcofago, Holocausto)

Bloodstormа / 1987 / demo #2 (one track demo tape)

live In Caverna II, RJ, 31-05-1987 / live tape

Immortal Force / 1987 / LP

-here was extreme Black-Death Metal sound

Into the Strange / 1988 / LP

-here the Thrash Metal, with new band members


Necrodoom (France), 1989-1993, R.I.P.

-Sound like Hellhammer but more DoomТish and gloom, especially on the demo

rehearsal Т30-06-1990 / reh.tape

-absolutely like Hellhammer

Reborn by Sorcery / 1993 / demo

-like Hellhammer but very gloom, raw, doomТish and with gloomy keyboards intros (the demo include Hellhammer cover УMassacraФ)


Necrobutcher (Bra), 1988-1989, R.I.P.

-ultra raw brutal Black-Grind, sound something between early Beherit С1990 mix Rotten Angel

Corrisive Noise Torment /demo-rehearsal С07.10.1989

Shizophrenic christianity / 1989 / demo


Necrogoat (Sweden), 1988-1990, R.I.P.

-Chaotic Primitive Black-Grind like Beherit С1991 mix Satanic Evil С1990

Black Massacre / reh.demo 'nov/1989


Necrofago (Brasil / MG), 1987-1989, R.I.P.

-Very extreme and brutal Black-Death Metal, typical South-American sound like Sarcofago

Brutal Mutilation / 1988 / demo #2

rehearsal / 1988 / reh.tape


Necrofago (Brasil / SP), 1987-1989, R.I.P.

-brutal ultra raw Death Metal/War Metal, similar early Chakal

Desire for Blood / 1987 / demo #1

Insulter to Christ / 1988 / demo #2


Necrofist (Malta), 1989-???, R.I.P.

-Chaotic Black-Grind-Noise by the sound

-no more info available, this band is really exist???

"Blasphemer" reh.track (Sodom cover) / 1989 / reh.track


Necromancy (Greece) (pre Necromatia), 1986-1989, reformed to Necromantia in the end of 1989

-the same sound like Necromantia???

-do not confuse with other US and Bolivian band

Ancient Wrath / ??? / unrealesed track

Demo / 1986 / demo tape

rehearsal 06-03-1988 / reh.trackа

Visions Of Lunacy / 1989 / demo


Necropussy (Brasil) 1990-1992, R.I.P.

-Primitive Satanic Black-Grind like Rotten Angel, the same sound with very short 5-10 sec. songs

 Sexual Aberationsа / reh.demo '21-03-1992


Necrophiliac (Spain), 1987-1992, R.I.P.

-Brutal Satanic Black-Death Metal, sound similar the Bathory УUnder the Sign of Black MarkФ mix. Necrovore С87

Endless Death / 1988 / live demo (the demo include Sodom cover УBombenhagelФ)

Infernal Exorcism / 1989 / reh.demo С07-10-1989


Necro Schizma (Holland), 1988-1990, R.I.P.

-Mortuary and Slow Black-Doom Metal influenced by Hellhammer

-actually, the vocalist Cronald write down the lyrics for band from 1985 year

rehearsal Т11-06-1989 / reh.tape (available only through tape traders)

Erupted Evil / 1989 / demo (the demo include Hellhammer cover УTriumph of DeathФ)

rehearsal Т04-03-1990 / reh.tape

rehearsal Т25-03-1990 / reh.tape

Live Emmeloord С25.08.1990 / live tape

Necrocarnation / 1990 / unreleased demo (the demo include Manowar cover)


Necrovore (USA), 1987-1991, R.I.P (now alive again in 1998???)

-Unholy and evil 80th Death/Black Metal, very hard and gloomy!!!

-the guitarist Bjorn Haga now playing in Thornspawn, also plays guitar in rehtaF ruO.

-the drummer Louie Carrisalezа plays in: Helldogs, Rotting Corpse, Devastation

rehearsal / 1987 / reh.tape

Divius De Moriturus / 1987 / demo

УSlaughtered RemainsФ comp.track for SatanТs Revenge Pt.2 / 1988 / comp.track

studio track / 1991

rehearsal / 1991 / reh.tape


Necrovomit (Brazil), 1988-???, R.I.P.

-Chaotic Primitive Black-Grind, very raw sound

-no more info available

Heresy / 1988 / reh.track [4 min.]


Nightmare (Brazil), 1987-1989, R.I.P.

-brutal raw Death-Black with typical South-American sound

Rehearsal / 1987 / rehearsal tape [the tape includes the Celtic Frost cover УUsurper]

Raising From Holocaust / 1989/ demo


N.M.E. (USA), 1985-1987, R.I.P., alive again in 1995

-sound like Venom, Voor, but more raw and evil.

-the guitarist killed own mother

-in 1995 alive again, but no more Black Metal now, new stuff similar the Thrashcore mix. Hardcore.

In the Name of Satan / 1985 / reh.track -Venom cover

Unholy Death / 1985 / LP

Lethal Dose / 1985 / EP???

Unholy Death / 1986 / demo (re-recorded LP with poor sound)

-here was Black Metal like Venom, Voor

Unholy Death / 1995 / CD: LP '85 + bonus (re-released old stuff)

Machines of War / 1995 / CD (demo???)

-now Thrashcore/Hardcore sound


Nuclear Hell (Brazil), 1988-???, R.I.P. or reformed???

-Brasilian Death-Black Metal, similar early Chakal '1985

Evil Ghost / 1988 / demo


Nuctemeron (Poland), 1986-1989, R.I.P.

-ultra brutalа and ultra raw Death-Black/War Metal similar Blasphemy and Goatpenis, especially the vocal and guitar

-one of the first bands who plays the same sound already in 80Тs before Blasphemy/Goatpenis/Abhorer, etc.

-do not confuse with old Death-Black band from Singapore with same name

Demo #1 / 1987

Festung Breslau / 1988 / demo


Obscurity (Sweden), 1987-1989, R.I.P.

-Extreme and Evil Death-Black Metal, like Necrovore, Possessed, but the third demo a more thrash metal with drum machine

-do not confuse with the modern melodic black metal band Obscurity

Ovation of Death / 1987 / demo #1

Damnations Pride / 1987 / demo #2

-a really extreme and evil sound like Possessed, Necrovore

Demo #3 / 1988 / demo (no drummer, drum machine here)

-a more typical thrash metal, but yes, raw and unholy too


Obsessos (Brasil), 1987-???, R.I.P.

-Brutal and ultra raw Black-Death metal in the vein of Vulcano and early Holocausto

а666 The Ultimate / 1988 / demoа (4 tracks demo include the Kreator cover УTormentorФ)


Occult (USA), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-Grinding Black-Noise band like Hellsaw (Bel), Acrid (Ger)

Bloodthirsty / 1985 / demo (2 songs: Slaughterhouse / Bloodthirsty for SatanТs Drink)


Outrage (Germany), 1985-1987, alive again in 2004

-Black/Death Metal in the early Celtic Frost vein

-do not confuse with other Canadian thrash band from 80s or Japan speed/thrash band

Demo #1 / 1985

Demo #2 / 1986

From Nightmare to Myths / 1986 / demo #3

The Book of the Seven Seals / 1987 / demo #4

Back for Attack / 2004 / CD-R [self released] (Rerecorded old songs from 1985-1987: Black Metal Attack, Go to Hell, Into the Abyss of Belial, Pack of the Wicked, The Book of Seven Seals, etc.


Panic (Brazil), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-Brutal raw Satanic Death-Black with typical South-American sound

Seeds of Hate / 1987 / demo [3 songs: Seeds of Hate, Satan Shall Return, GodТs Death]

Rotten Church / 1987 / LP


Pentagram (Chile), 1985-1987, reborn again in 2002

-Extreme and Brutal Death-Black Metal in the traditional South-American vein

Nunoa Gimnasio,Santiago,Chile (SB) (1 st gig) / 1985 / live tape

rehearsal 26-12-1985 / reh.tape

7" EP / 1987 /

Demo #1 / 1987

Demo #2 / 1987

live Santiago 07-11-1987 / live tape

studio rehearsal /а Jan 1987 / reh.tape


Pentagram (Swe) (Pre Tribulation), 1985-1986, was renamed to Tribulation in 1987???

-Raw Thrash Metal with satanic/unholy lyricsа

Infernal Return / 1986 / demo


Persecution (Australia), 1988-1990, R.I.P.???

-Ancient sounding Death-Black Metal

-Tortured Existance '1989 (Demo)


Piekielne Wrota (Pol), 1985-???, R.I.P.

-raw Black-Death similar early Bathory mix Imperator (Pol)

-the band also known under the name ФGates of HellФ in the tape trading circle, but the real name is Piekielne Wrota

Piekielne Wrota / 1986 / demo

Demo С1987 [2 songs]

W Oczekiwaniu / 1989 / demo [the demo include the Slayer cover]

Live '1989 / live tape


Poison (Germany), 1984-1989, R.I.P.

-Evil and dirty Black Metal 80Тs with Hellhammer influences

-first reh.tapesС84 and demoТ84 was very dirty, chaotic and evil like Beherit Т91 with HellhammerТish guitar riffs

-some past band member in R.U.Dead? now

Rehearsal #1 / 1984 / reh.tape [incl. unr.tracks]

Reherasal #2 / 1984а / reh.tape [incl. unr.tracks]

Sons of Evil / 1984 / [full reh.demo '84, 45 min!!!]

Sons Of Evil / 1984 / [demo version of 4 tracks,15 min,different sound!!!]

-very dirty nad chaotic sound, noisy like early BeheritТ90 with Hellhammer like guitar sound and very morbid scream vocals

rehearsal С--/11/1985 / reh.tape

Kupferdachle, Pforzheim, Germany С23/11/1985 / live tape

Bestial Death / 1985 / demo

Awakening Of The Dead / 1986 / demo

rehearsal Т30-03-1986 / reh.tape

-sound like BathoryТ84 with Hellhammer influences, not so noisy and obscure as fist reh.tapes and demos

live Schaffhausen Feb. С1987 / live tape

Into the Abyss / 1987 / 12ФLP

-like Bathory С1988 УBlood Fire DeathФ, not so dirty as early stuff


Poison (USA), 1983-1985, R.I.P.

-Sound like Hellhammer with very scream vocals

-do not confuse with mainstream glam-rock УpoisonФ from USA too

Demo #1 / 1983 / demo

Demo #2 / 1984 / demo

Black Angel / 1984 / promo


Preacher (USA / Cal.),а 1986-1987, R.I.P.

-typical Black Metal of 80th : like Poison, early Sodom С83

-they released only one album

Trapped in Hell / 1987 / EP /[Wild Rags Records]


Preispodnyaya (Russia / Ekaterinburg), 1988-1991, R.I.P.

-one of the cult Russian bands, played unholy and very raw Death-Thrash

-the band played the united live shows with bands like: Russkaya Zima, Burelom, etc.

-the band name translated from Russian like УInfernoФ

-no info about demos available, I just know what was saved the video tape of their live show


Pseudochrist (Finland), (Pre Beherit), 1989-1990

-Satanic Grind

-Was renamed to Beherit in the beginning of 1991

rehearsal / 1989 /reh.tape (very hard to find item)

live In Rovaniemi, Finland С28/01/1990 / 1990 / live tape (they are plays here the next songs: Demogorgon, Pseudo christ, christ Vomito, etc.)


Reanimator (Ukraine), (pre-Fatal Epitaph), 1988-1990, was renamed to Fatal Epitaph in 1991, now R.I.P.

-unholy Death-Grind with sick lyrics

-no more info available

Rehearsal tape / 1989


Reaktor (Russia / Tula), 1988-1991, R.I.P.

-Raw and evil Thrash Metal

-first thrash band from Tula city of Russia

??? / 1988 / reh.demo

??? / 1989 / demo

live Т11.06.1991 УThrash in Tula FestФ??? / live tape


Reencarnacion (Columbia), 1987-1990, R.I.P.

-Raw Chaotic Death/Black/Doom, similar Parrabelum С87

Reencarnacion / 1988 / LP

??? / 1990 / LP


Rotten Angel (Brasil), 1989-1990, R.I.P.

-Primitive Satanic Black-Grind, similar Beherit С1990-91 mix Goatpenis Т89, very short songs 5-12 sec.

Rehearsal Т18-10-1990 / reh.tape

-15 min, itТs contains 20-25 songs


Russkaya Zima (Russia / Ekaterinburg), 1989-1994, R.I.P., Alive again in 2002, now active with new members, no old members from 1989-1994 now.

-one of the ancient obscure Russian underground Black/Death/Doom band

-sound of first demo С89 was like Hellhammerа mix. Bathory Т85, from 1990-1992 like Necro Schizma +Celtic Frost, from 1994 like Celtic Frost, the latter stuff from 2002 like Celtic Frost too, but with some Heavy Metal sound and with female Death vocal now

-the band had a very large Celtic Frost and Hellhammer influences

-the band name translated from Russian as УRussian WinterФ (Celtic Frost like!!!)

-the band recorded the songs like: Bloody Paradise, Grobosilikatsia, Warriors, Invasion, Self-burning, Omen, Repentance, Damnation, Northern Wind)

-lyrics on Russian

-the session band bass guitaristа Pavelа which plays in band in 1993-1994 reborn the band in 2002, but not old first bandТs members now

Pervie Zamorozki / 1989 / demo (translated as УFirstborn FrostsФ)

-absolutely like Hellhammer С83 mix Bathory Т86 with scream and groul vocals, very raw, dark and evil!!!

Iz Vne / 1992 / demo (translated as УFrom BeyondЕФ)

like Necro Schizma mix early Celtic Frost, very slow and evil sound!!!

Alive / 1992 / demo

V Plenu Zimi / 1994 / demo (translated as УIn the Captivity of WinterФ)

-here the sound like early Celtic Frost

аRusskiy Gnev / 2002 / CD (translated as УRussian AngerФ)

VedТma / 2003 / CD (translated as УWitchФ)

-like latter Celtic Frost УTo Mega TherionФа with some heavy metal sound and with aggressive female Death vocals, but no so good and obscure like first demo


Sadistic Noise (Greece), 1988-1991, R.I.P.

-boring monotone Black-Death with drum-machine

-sound similar VON and early Exmortes (Hol), but not so brutal

-Varathronа and Vomit (Gre) members here

Black And Chaos / 1988 / demo

The Crush of Heaven / 1990 / EP


Satanic Legions of Death (Yugoslavia), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-Chaotic Primitive Black Metal, raw like early Poison Т84 and fast like Hellish Torment С85

-the guitar sound some similar the Slaughter (Can)

-one of the first Yug. BM bands

Demo / 1986 / demo


Savage Death (USA), 1985-1986, R.I.P.

-Satanic Death-Thrash like Possessed, early Sodom

Mass Genocide / 1985 / demo #1

Crucified in Hell / 1986 / demo #2


Sacrifice (Japan), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-Unholy Death-Black Metal

Demo / 1986 / demo tape (two tracks only)


Samhain (Germany), (Pre Deathrow), 1985-1986, renamed to Deathrow in the November 1986

-sound: Venom mix Destruction

Lord of the Dead / 1985 / demo#1

Eternal Death / 1986 / demo#2 (recorded in januaryТ86)


Samhain (Denmark) (Pre Desexult), 1985-1986, renamed to Desexult in the beginning of 1986

-sound: Venom mix Celtic Frost

The Courier / 1985 / demo

The Courier / 1985 / 7ФEP


SatanТs Massacre (USA), 1985-1986, R.I.P.

-the sick and evil Black Metal band in the Hellhammer, Flames of Hell vein but without drums and bass, and so with very strange vocals

-recorded only one demo

Robbing the Graveyard and Raping the Dead / 1985 / demo


Scalp Palatcha (Russia / Krasnodar), 1989-1991, reformed to band called Brutal Over Death in 1992.

-unholy raw Death Metal

-the band name translated from Russian like Skalp of Torturer

Rehearsal tape / 1989


Semen of Satan (Germany), 1984-???, R.I.P.

-sound like Hellhammer, very raw and evil

-some songs slow and doomТish

-Evoked Doom members here

Demo / 1984 / demo


Sepulchral Death (Holland), 1983-???, reformed to Usurper (Hol) in 1988.

-ultra raw and powerful Death-Metal, sound some similar Messiah Death (Japan)

-reformed/renamed to Usurper in 1988 and start to playing technical Thrash Metal

Praising Death / 1986 / demo [ultra raw and powerful Death-Metal here]

Rehearsal СJan С1987 / rehearsal tape [more thrashy sound here]


Slaughter Hammer (Ger) (ex Bloodslaughter), 1986-???, R.I.P.

-sick and morbid Death Metal, very dirty, evil and raw

first rehearsal '1986 / reh.tape

Zombie Surrender / 1987 / demo


Sons of Satan (UK), 1984-1987, R.I.P.

-raw Black Metal in the early Venom vein

Demo #1 / 1984 / demo

Promo track / 1985 / promo


Svaty Vincent (Czechia), 1988-1990???, R.I.P.

-very evil 80th sound Black Metal

Tanete Na Hrobech / 1990 / LP


Temptation (Ukraine) (Pre Braistorm), 1991-1992, was renamed to Brainstorm in 1992

-Evil Death-Black

??? / 1992 / demo / (limited to 150 copies)


Tempter (???), 1983-1985, R.I.P.

-Satanic Black/Doom, sound like Hellhammer Т81 mix Candlemass Т84

Whellchair Massacre / 1984 / demo


Tudor (Czechia), 1988-1992, now reborn again???

-early demos from 1988-1990 was typical Black Metal of 80th like Venom, Black Majesty

-from 1990 was melodic Thrash-Black like MasterТs Hammer С1994

-from 1992 plays modernized Thrash Metal with Industrial touches

Eskadrona mrtv¤ch / 1988 / demo

Ultra Black Metal / 1988 / EP

Poselstvэ smrti / 1990 / demo

Zombie / 1990 / demo

-here was sound lilke Venom, Black Majesty

Skeletor / 1991 / demo

ZapomeЄ...Avik / 1992 / MC

Spalovda / 1991 / EP

-melodic and not so brutal, like latter MasterТs Hammer С1994

Bloody Mary / 1992 / MC

-modernized Thrash Metal with Industrial touches


Torr (Czechia), 1986-1993, alive 1996-2004.

-Early demos was Venom mix Bathory Т1984 Black Metal sounding, the latter stuff turn to typical old Death/Thrash metal

Gang Live / 1987 / demo

Witchhammer / 1987 /demo

Kult Ohni/Ladiyo na narodvminice / 1989 / single

Armageddon / 1990 / LP

а-here was sound like Venom mixа Bathory С1984

Institut Klinicku Smrti / 1991 / LP

Chpni o kus dal / 1992 / LP

Kladivo na narodmice / 1993 / LP

Morituri te salutant / 1996 / CD???

-here the more death/thrash sound

Live / 1997 / live album (live 16.10.2004 in Bratislava, Includes 7ФEP 1989 as a bonus tracks)

Gallery / 1999 / CD (Best of Compilation, 2 CDs)

Tanec Sv.Vhta / 2000 / CD

Made In Hell / 2003 / CD

-returning to Venom sound???


Tharithimas (Bra), 1988-1989, R.I.P.

-brutal and ultra raw Death-Black Metal

-just recorded only one live tape as demo

-Live in Sao Jose dos Campos СApr. 11th, 1987 - Black Devastation Festival / 1987 / demo [the demo include the Celtic Frost Cover УDeathroned EmperorФ


The Curse (Canada), 1985-???, R.I.P.

- Hellhammer mix early Celtic Frost sound, slow, raw and evil

- Slaughter members

Demo / 1986 / demo


The Mist (Brazil) (ex Mayhem, Brazilian of course), 1989-???, R.I.P.

-Death-Thrash sound???

Phantasmagoria / 1989 / LP


Unholy War (Chile), 1989-???, R.I.P.

-raw old-school Death Metal

Live '25-08-1990 / live tape [includes the Morbid Angel cover]


Vulcano (Brazil), 1983-1992, reborn again in 2003

-the first 7ФEP С1983 was traditional Heavy Metal with brazilian lyrics

-from 1985 band plays the Extreme Black-Death Metal in the traditional South-American vein.

Om Pushne Namah / 1983 / 7ФEP

-here the traditional heavy metal

Live! / 1985 / live LP

-sound like Venom with screaming blackened vocal

Bloody Vengeance / 1986 / LP

-really extreme and evil Black-Death Metal, cult and the best release of the band

Santiago, Chile Т12-12-1987 / live tape

Antropophagy / 1987 / LP

Who Are the True? / ??? / LP

Ratrace / 1991 / LP

??? / 2004 / CD (I hear, what is a really brutal Old-School Black-Death Metal, but I'm not listen it else)


Voor (Canada), 1984-1985, R.I.P.

-Sound like Venom, but more raw and evil

-the first Canadian Black Metal band

Evil Metal / 1985 / demo (the demo include Venom cover)

??? / 1986 / demo


Voodoo (Russia / Tula), 1989-1991, R.I.P.

-Unholy Thrash Metal

demo / 1990 /

live Т11.06.1991 УThrash in Tula FestФ??? / live tape


Wargod (USA), 1985-1986, R.I.P.

-Evil Thrash Metal

-the drummer from Dark Angel here???

Demo #1 / 1985 / demo

rehearsal / 1985 / reh.tape

rehearsal Т29-09-85 / 1985 / reh.tape

Demo #2 / 1986 / demo


Warhammer (UK), 1985-1988, R.I.P.

- Unholy Death Metal, very raw and evil sound

-do not confuse with modern WarHammer from Germany (Celtic Frost clone)

Abattoir of Death / 1985 / demo

Rehearsal / 1985 / reh.tape


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