Its the list of Black Metal bands from 80th. I mean here the: typical Black Metal of 80 th like Poison, Acrid; satanic Death Metal like Necrovore, Possessed; unholy Thrash Metal like Black Shepherd, Blasphemer; satanic Heavy Metal like Hell(UK), Retrosatan; and the latter of 80th and early 90th BM bands like Beherit, Archgoat. I try to compile here the all possible information about sick and evil underground bands from 80th which known to me. At the first of all, I submit here the bands which I have in my metal music collection, you can to contact with me for a demo tapes trading, Im looking for a really morbid and sick black/death metal bands from 80th on tapes and CD-Rs, also, I trade the VHS of same bands. I shall updating this list from time to time. More there is nothing to tell... Old Black Metal of 80th rules!!!


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