Massacre 001: (SOLD OUT!!!)

Diabolic Witchcraft "Demonic War Necrocarnage" (Rus) Demo# 1 CD-R 2003 (Bestial Warbeast Prod, Rus, limited to 250 h/n copies) b/w printed cover-booklet/ Chaotic Primitive Sick Black Metal mix with Horrible Noize-Ambient. Sound something between early Abruptum mix Canadian band Demonomancy.

Limited to 250 h/n copies (actually only to 55 only)


Coming Soon:

Massacre 002: Necrotic Vomitor (Rus) Black Citadel of Death (Demo #1) Skullcrushing Vomiting Black-Grind with influences of Necrofago (Bra), early Beherit, early Goatpenis, Acrid (Ger 1985), Rotten Angel (Bra), Hellish Torment, Blasphemy, Necrobutcher (Bra), Bestial War (Bra).

Limited to 30 h/n copies


Massacre 003: Erupted Evil (Rus) Demo#1 Slow Doomish Black-Noize like Satans Massacre(US) Robbing the Graveyard and Raping the Dead demo1985 with Hellhammer, Necro Schizma, Evoker(Hol), Satans Massacre(US), Hellfire(Fra), Hellsaw(Bel) influences.

Limited to 20 h/n copies


Massacre 004: Deadly Warriors of Hell Compilation: Including the rare/demo/reh./live tracks of ancient hordes from 80s like: Poison(Ger), Goatlord, Evoker, Evoked Doom, Pseudochrist, Acrid(Ger), Beherit, Outrage(Ger), Semen of Satan, Necrofago, Infernal Death(US), Preacher(US). Hellpreacher, Retrosatan, Hellsaw(Bel), Satans Massacre, Hellish Torment, Semen of Satan, Black Shepherd, Savage Death, Necrovore, Black Mass(Swe), Bestial Summoning, Vulcano, Doom Snake Cult, Death Attack, Black Prophecies, Bestial War, Sarcofago, Necrogoat, Necropussy, Rotten Angel, Mayhem(Ger), Russkaya Zima, Obscurity(Swe), Imperator(Pol), etc.

Limited to 30 h/n copies






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